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The Saverini Widow (La Veuve Saverini)

Nominated for Best Short Film


19' • France • 2020

No Dialogue

Director: Loïc Gaillard

Producer: Jonathan Hazan

Writer: Loïc Gaillard & Wilfried Méance

Cast: Christiane Conil, Toussaint Martinetti, Cédric Appietto, Marie-Pierre Nouveau

Bonifacio 1883, extreme south of Corsica. The widow of the late Saverini lives in an isolated house near the cliffs, with her only son Antoine, and her dog. During the day, she assists women giving birth in town. One night her son is killed in a clash. The murderer flees to Sardinia. Her world falls to pieces…

Director's Bio: Early Film enthusiast, Loïc studies and graduates from ESEC in 2004. He starts assuming different positions on short films and music videos. Little by little, screenwriting becomes his main activity. He writes with several directors which allows him to collaborate to various projects such as feature films, short films, TV fiction and series. He co-writes "The Fear" with Damien Odoul and Aude Py (2015 Jean Vigo Award). "What is hidden in snow" is his first short as a director in 2016. The short is screened in many festivals around the world and is broadcast on OCS, BeTV, ShortsTV & TV5 Monde. "The Saverini Widow" (2020) is his second short.

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