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ACFF 2023 - 7th edition

Jury Panel

Andreas Koefoed

Best Short Documentary

Photo_Andreas Koefoed.jpg

Andreas Koefoed is a Danish film director known for The Lost Leonardo, Music For Black
Pigeons and The Fall. He graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2009 and
has since then focused on character driven human interest stories. His films have been
awarded at festivals like Venice, IDFA, CPH:DOX,, AFI Docs, Sheffield Doc Fest and Tribeca.
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Statement about winning film "A Small Circle"

An intimate story about one of the decisive moments in life. With a minimalistic visual style and
precise narration we are brought into the mind of a young woman - the filmmaker - and her
thoughts about a potential pregnancy.
It conveys complex emotions in a very touching and beautiful way.

Birger Langkjær

Best Short Film

Photo_Birger Langkjær.jpeg

Birger Langkjær is an Associate Professor in Film Studies at the Dept. of Communication at
University of Copenhagen. His main research is within film sound and music, cognitive film
theory, and Danish/Nordic cinemas.

Statement for winning film "Killing Ourselves"

A minimalistic and understated drama in a desert that effortlessly merges everyday realism,
stylized absurdism, comedy, and a strongly self-reflexive form into a warm and subtle story
about a family and a daughter’s attempt to make a film about them.

Lana Tankosa Nikolic

Best Animated Film

Photo_Lana Tankosa Nikolic.jpg

Lana Tankosa Nikolic is an established producer of award-winning animation and immersive
multimedia projects spanning animation, digital art, VR, theater and performing arts. Her films and
VR projects have won awards at more than 60 festivals, including a Crystal in Annecy, the Golden
Lion in Venice, the Golden Dove in DOK Leipzig and the Golden Dragon in Krakow. She is the
project manager of Animation Sans Frontieres (ASF), producer and co-founder of White Hole
Theatre, front person and event manager of PLASTIC Collective and CEO of Late Love Production.
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Statement for winning film "Going Well..."

In the film that has been awarded in the category of Best Animated Film, we are introduced to a
writer who is tormented by the looming deadline to deliver her writing. What sets this film apart
is the clever use of timing and animation style to effectively convey the intense stress and
anxiety experienced by the protagonist. As viewers, we are not mere observers but are
immersed in her world, feeling every ounce of pressure that she encounters.
Therefore, it is with pleasure that we announce that the award for the Best Animated Film goes
to ‘Going Well..’, directed by HyeJeong Lee from South Korea. This film's use of animation to
support the story, captivating the audience and making us personally experience the stress
portrayed, is praiseworthy.
Congratulations to the director and the entire team behind ‘Going Well..’.

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