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Lah Gah (Letting Go)

Nominated for Best Animated Film


7' • Switzerland • 2019

No Dialogue

Director: Cécile Brun

Producer: Saskia von Virág

Animators: Charlotte Waltert (Drawn Animation), Cécile Brun (Stop Motion)
Compositing: Rafael Sommerhalder
Sounddesign: Thomas Gassmann
Voices: Bruno Amstad (Voice Dough), Maya Zurbuchen (Voice Girl)
Script Consultants: Claudius Gentinetta, Michael Frei

"Lah gah" lets us dive into sunny childhood memories, when a girl is singing and cooking with her father. An intimate moment, so simple. But they’re swept along by the wafting mass of dough into the emotional depths of loss and disappearance; Helpless, the child is trying to grasp what is not tangible.

Director's Bio: Born in 1986 in Uster, CH. She graduated her Bachelor of Design in Animation in 2011 at HSLU D&K. 2010 she went for an Erasmus to Brussels, BE, at the Comic Department at ESA St. Luc. In 2015 she won the „Résidence d‘écriture en cinéma d‘animation“ at Abbaye de Fontevraud, F. She works as an independent director, illustrator and film projectionist in Zurich, CH. Most recently she worked with Claudius Gentinetta on his award-winning short "SELFIES".

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