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In the Soil (Det er i Jorden)

Nominated for Best Danish Film


14' • Denmark • 2020


Director: Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen

Producer: Sofie Odgaard

Writer: Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen

Cast: Sandra Guldberg Kampp, Thomas Guldberg Madsen

Cinematography: Tobias Scavenius
Editor: Louis Bülov Bertelsen
Sound Design: Marie Dollerup-Nielsen
Composer: Andreas Kildedal Westmark

Karoline’s life is turned upside down when her father, Kjeld, manically starts digging a pit in their backyard. The following days turn into a living nightmare as the pit becomes a grave and the land, which has been in the family for generations, pulls Kjeld further and further down into the deep.

Director's Bio: Casper Rudolf Kjeldsen is a Danish director born in 1994. His cinematic obsession is the grotesque and his films deal with the metaphysical and bizarre. As a director he has taken part of several international film festivals (Cannes Film Festival, RIFF, Odense Film Festival, Morbido Fest, Nightmares Film Festival and many others) with his short films: Red Lipstick, Blue Lips (2015), The Mare (2018), In the Soil (2021).

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