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Dad's Divorce

Nominated for Best Comedy


7' • Denmark • 2019


Director: Jesper Sichlau

Producers: Camilla Schønberg & Jesper Sichlau

Writer: Jesper Sichlau

Cast: Tommy Kenter, Jesper Ole Feit Andersen, Mathilde Passer, Anne-Lise Holder

When Oscar and his sister receive the news of their parents' divorce, they have to do everything in their power to stop it from happening.

Director's Bio: Jesper Sichlau was born in 1987 and grew up in a working class home in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Through his upbringing he watched a lot of movies and Saturday-morning cartoons - some would say too many - which is why not much exciting can be said about Jesper's childhood. He original wanted to be a comic book creator and later on a computer animator but all that changed when he watched the Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. Instead he now wanted to be a film director. But without friends willing to make short films with him, Jesper found himself in a difficult situation. Instead he had to write screenplays, shoot boring stuff with his camcorder and edit weird videos. Some years later he took a course at the National Film School of Denmark and got into The European Film College, none of which proved to help him the slightest on his path to become a world renowned film director. Instead, however, he managed to get a writer's block and a minor depression. This wasn't exactly the plan Jesper had in mind, but over time he somehow managed to pull himself together and direct his first unsuccessful short film. Things only went better on from here you'd imagine - but seeing how easily other young filmmakers apparently could cooperate and get funding for their films, left a bitter mark on his soul. Jesper was in need of a break from the business and went back to school and got a bachelor in visual communication. He's since had a successful career in advertising which makes it even more ironic that he's really bad at selling himself. Now that his soul has been cleansed and his spirit is at an all-time high, the next chapter of Jesper's life is ready to be written, beginning with his latest short film "Dad's Divorce."

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