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(I'm In Love With An) Astronaut – Long Tall Jefferson

Nominated for Best Music Video


3' • Switzerland • 2020


Director: Maximilian Speidel

Producer: Luzius Fischer

Cast: Simon Borer

Artist: Long Tall Jefferson
Production: Dynamic Frame GmbH
DP: Jonas Fischer
1AC: Raphael Schulze
2AC: Carmen Imhasly
Best boy: Claudio Sipka
PA: Mia Wschiansky
HMU: Arjuna Brütsch
Styling: Luciné Ayanian
Set Decorator: Tringa Vladaj
Art Assistant: Tuğba Temel
Postproduction Editor: Yasmin Joerg
Post Coordination: Etienne Brandenberg
SD & Soundmix: STEREOTYP
Colorist: Jonas Fischer
Graphic Design: Kevin Hoegger

Being locked down on planet earth seeking for extraterrestrial love, Long Tall Jefferson surrounds himself with an imaginary world. Adjusting antennas for long searched signals and preparing himself for a future departure. Awaiting for this day to come, he spends his time in a lovable solitude or as modern-day singles call it: playing Planet-Tinder.

Director's Bio: Maximilian Speidel was born in Zurich in 1989. After graduating from the Atelierschule Zürich in 2009, he started his career as a filmmaker. While still at school, he worked as an actor in various feature and short films until he started working as a cameraman and editor in 2010. In 2011 he became part of the director pool of the Zurich film production company Filmgerberei. After four years of realizing various commissions and his own projects, he now works as an independent writer and film director since 2015.

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