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Sekuritas (Swiss German)

Nominated for

Best Producer

Directed by

Carmen Stadler

117' • Switzerland • 2019

The Studer&Sons office complex has never been special, or even produced anything of any interest or significance. But now, shortly before it is set to be demolished, the building expresses one last wish... a LOVE STORY, one that centers around notions of desire and security, and a little melody that runs through the entire fabric of the building. So when darkness descends and everything falls silent, the routine lives of those within its walls sparkle like fairytales, paving the way for intimate chance encounters to unfold. The building consciously chooses the strangest, most awkward, tight-lipped and unapproachable people for its final love story, those people that work at night: the mysterious night watch on her lonely rounds, hugging the warm boiler and fighting an urging desire she cannot explain, the foreign cleaner, furiously scrubbing the second floor to get rid of the dirt and the scars of his past, the confused secretary who returns to her open-plan office because she forgot something, the grumpy chef chasing fame and immortality in the canteen as he experiments with a new recipe, and the taciturn boss rehearsing his parting speech in front of an empty row of chairs. It’s a cosmos in which everything seems to be connected - the lights, the sounds, the melodies – while the encounters and reflections make up a nocturnal kaleidoscope of longing, loneliness and freedom.

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