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ACFF 2021 - 5th edition

Jury Panel

Karla von Bengtson

Best Animated Film


Karla von Bengtson is a Copenhagen based director and scriptwriter.

Von Bengtson takes pride in working solely with animation and has written and directed several animated films and series over the years.

Currently von Bengtson is in development with her next feature 'I am Helena' as well as in production with the animated portraitseries 'Kender du hende?'.

Best Animated Film winner: Kitchen By Measure

The film has a tight and well told story, with a surprise ending. It is very well animated and the stopmotion and overall design supports the humour in the film very well. Kitchen by measure is both cute and funny, and serves as a reminder to all of us to maybe check in with people's needs before trying to help.

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