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ACFF 2021 - 5th edition

Jury Panel

Jesper Isaksen

Best Short Film


Jesper Isaksen is a Copenhagen based film director with 20 years of experience.

He is behind the award-winning feature film VICTIM OF LOVE, a Danish-American Horror-thriller that premiered at CPH PIX in 2019 and is coming out worldwide 2021 via Indican Pictures and Lionsgate.

Jesper has also made several short films and more than 20 music videos. He is currently working on his second feature film. 

Best Short Film winner: Roqaia

This film touched me the most. There is a vulnerability present in the girl that has absolutely no say among the adult men who's trying to figure out how to present the girl and her trauma in the most dramatic and entertaining way. I love the ending where she walks off, while the adults keep discussing. The overlook of the city and the vast and harsh nature surrounding it is so telling of the little speechless girl and her presence in a big and unpredictable world.

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