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Kitchen by Measure (Eldhús eftir máli)

Nominated for Best Animated Film


13' • Iceland • 2020

German, Icelandic

Directors: Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir & Atli Arnarsson

Producer: Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir, Atli Arnarsson & Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir

Writer: Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir & Atli Arnarsson

Cast: Björn Thors, Arnar Jónsson, Dominique Gyða Sigrúnardóttir

After seeing his wife struggle with mundane tasks, the inventive Ingólfur gets hooked on the idea of building the perfect kitchen for her.

Director's Bio: Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir is a violinist, illustrator and director from Iceland, based in Copenhagen where she studies the violin at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. She is also active illustrating children’s books and drawing for various occasions. Atli Arnarsson is a sound recordist, musician and director from Iceland, based in Copenhagen. He studies film sound at The Danish Filmschool and he also writes music, most notably with his band Munstur. Together Sólrún and Atli form the stop-motion studio Stilla. They made and directed the shortfilm Kitchen by Measure.

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