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Nominated for Best Music Video


5' • Spain • 2020


Directors: Rafael Vidal Altabert & Julián Gómez Caballero

Animation: Julián Gómez Caballero
Art director: Rafael Vidal Altabert

Agapito is a vampire mosquito who lives with his family. Everyone likes to go to the cemetery tavern every night to drink shots of fresh blood, but all he cares about is music. He plays the trumpet and has always dreamed of playing in a real orchestra. One day, Agapito leaves the niche and travels far from home, where he meets the members of the musical group “La ChicaCharcos & The Katiuskas Band”. From that moment on, he will embark on an adventure that will lead him to stardom as a trumpeter.

Director's Bio: Rafael Vidal is a lover of genre cinema, and everything that has a cinema flavor. Graduated in Fine Arts, he has discovered in the stop motion technique, the way to unite the world of more manual artistic creation with the cinema. Julián Gómez has been dreaming of being a stop motion animator for years, he has always experimented on his own and has created selected pieces at festivals. He completed his training at the now defunct school in Madrid, Ars Animation School. Both talents come together in this project to complement each other and give each one their best, taking care of every detail from pre-production to final post-production.

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