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Thank You to Our Partners

The Swedish Embassy in Denmark has generously agreed to partly finance travel expenses for Swedish filmmakers participating in Annual Copenhagen Film Festival. This support is greatly appreciated, both by the festival team and the attending filmmakers.

Swedish Embassy_ENG BLACK LOGO.png

Peter Larsen Kaffe is a modern coffee enterprise who will be sponsoring organic, Fair Trade coffee at Annual Copenhagen Film Festival in March. This means that guests attending the festival will receive free coffee at the festival while stock lasts.


Since 1902, Peter Larsen Kaffe has provided coffee to the local people of Denmark – coffee made with love to the trade and to quality raw materials. To do things right, you need a spark as well as extensive experience. This is especially true when it comes to roasting coffee, and that is why Peter Larsen Kaffe will be sponsoring coffee at Annual Copenhagen Film Festival.

Naturfrisk and Ørbæk Bryggeri have generously sponsored 200 bottles of organic soda and beer for attendees of Annual Copenhagen Film Festival. This means that guests attending the festival will receive one free soda or beer at the festival, as long stock lasts.


Naturfrisk and Ørbæk Brewery believe that what we drink should always be of the best possible quality and that is why all of our products are made of organic raw materials. We owe it to each other and future generations to take care of the environment and nature is not something we are willing to compromise with. We believe taste, quality and good workmanship go together, and we strive to achieve and secure the best possible taste experience.


Unicorn Popped is a popcorn start-up working on a colourful, healthy, fruit-flavoured popcorn product. At UNICORN, we believe in crazy snacks, and even crazier dreams. We are a popcorn start-up offering revolutionary fruit flavours using only vegan and healthy ingredients.


This also means no added sugars and full transparency about the origin and use of our ingredients. After all, we care about your health, the planet, and the people growing and harvesting our corn and fruit. With this mission in mind, we are gonna pop unique popcorn 'til we drop!

Tante T is a Danish enterprise, consisting both of a tea shop and tea-bar in Copenhagen and an online web shop with 150+ quality loose leaf and organic teas.


Tante T has generously sponsored some tea treasts for the winners of Annual Copenhagen Film Festival We would like to thank Tante T deeply for providing us with 20 delicious gifts for our winners.

logo tante t.jpg

The Savoy Hotel Copenhagen is located in the bustling Vesterbro neighbourhood of central Copenhagen, a shopping area in Copenhagen that is teeming with cafes, restaurants and bars mixed with fun shops and chic designer stores. There is a wonderful vibrancy in the area and it is also close to Tivoli, the Town Hall Square, Copenhagen Zoo and the Central train station with 24-hour airport connection.

The hotel is set in an original Art deco noveau building from 1906, where one of the elevators was the first in Denmark which is still operational. The hotel often gets visits from architect students, who come to see the preserved facade, courtyard, and interior details, and of course to ride the original elevator from 1906.


Whether you travel alone, with a partner or your family, Wakeup Copenhagen on Borgergade is an excellent choice for anyone looking for inexpensive accommodation in the heart of Copenhagen. The hotel has 498 new hotel rooms, all equipped with TV, desk, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

Wakeup Copenhagen in Borgergade is located in the centre of Copenhagen and designed by the famous Danish architect Kim Utzon. The hotel is characterised by minimalist design and high quality. 

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