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Where To?(لوين ؟)

Nominated for Best Student Director


16' • Lebanon • 2019


Director: Robine Nachar

Producer: Robine Nachar

Writer: Robine Nachar

Cast: Julia El Rami

Director Of Photography: Ramy Lattouf
Editing: Gerard Daccache
Art Direction: Assaad Khoueiry
Sound Designer: Francois Yazbeck
Sound Engineer: Bassam Lebbos
Casting: Micha El Rami
Assistant Director: Gerard Daccache
Production Manager: Anthony Khawand
Color Grading: Chrystel Elias

One night, Oum Georges, leaves her daughter's house. In her head, soon is winter, in the streets of Lebanon it's still summer. The sun rises, Oum Georges is lost.

Director's Bio: Born in 1993 in Montréal Canada, Robine Nachar moved to Lebanon with her family in 1994. She grew up and studied there. Passionate about Cinema, she completed her bachelor degree in Audio Visual Arts in 2015, at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, where she also wrote, directed and produced her senior short film “Morpheus”. Since 2014, she works in the cinematic field as a freelancer. In 2017, she decided to interrupt her work for a while. She moved to Paris to study a Master degree in Cinema (Filmmaking and screenwriting). In 2019, she wrote, directed and produced “Where To”. Today, Robine continues to work in the cinematic field. She has many goals to achieve in her career as a director.

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